For years and years if you came to a prenatal class at Sanctuary with me, Kate, you would get oodles of gear and lifestyle tips because I can’t help myself. After 23 years around mamas, babies and birth, you’d better believe I’ve been there, done that, and seen trends and gimmicks come and go.

After my daughter was born, I had a ton of requests to start a blog for Mamas that covers what we would go over in class. Thank you for the push! I give you:

If you or anyone you know is expecting (or even planning on getting pregnant) I am happy to consult either on an hourly or a per-project basis.

How can this help you (or someone you know):

-Guided gear lists, parenting lifestyle, and newborn care consulting. This is where I learn what type of parent you would like to be and I offer tailored suggestions for gear, apartment arrangement, and daily flow. If desired, I can also offer prenatal, birth, and newborn care suggestions that I think would match your lifestyle and preferences.

-Postpartum prep. I can help you prepare your house for baby with detailed checklists including apartment set up, nursing support, mama care for postpartum.

This type of consulting will:

-Save you money. You won’t be buying things that don’t work for you, or you’ll learn more cost effective ways of achieving your goals.

-Support you through the birth prep/ postpartum time.

-Guide you through the myriad of decisions both in purchases, parenting choices, integrating pets, etc.

Email if you have any questions or to set up your initial appointment. All initial appointments are 1 hour long, over the phone, and easy to set up.

Talk soon!


Make Your Holiday Funky!

December is all about F.U.N.K. here at Sanctuary.

In Kate’s last week before maternity leave, what did she want more than anything? Funk. And lots of it.

Expect to get funky with rotation in all our classes and to hear a lot of Betty Davis, Parliament Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone and others.

See you at Sanctuary!