Prenatal Services

Maternity_KateNick-2All prenatal classes and sessions are lead by instructors certified in Kate Artibee’s Sanctuary Prenatal Method. Based on her 21+ years of experience with birth, yoga, pilates and coupled with personal experience, Sanctuary Prenatal is a tried and true method that has been helping expectant mothers feel well their entire pregnancy, enter the birth process without fear, and physically recover quickly postpartum. All prenatal classes include birth readiness and positive community as well as prenatal fitness and wellbeing expertise.


BW_Newborn_Tennessee-63Need help designing your registry? Organizing your home for the arrival of your new addition? Having trouble visualizing your immediate postpartum time? Sanctuary offers telephone or Skype* sessions with Kate (@ $45/ hr) that help you navigate everything from diapers to doulas. She will help you organize your home to create the best flow for a newborn, choose which stroller and carrier is right for your lifestyle, arrange a schedule of helpers and visitors, and guide you through the process of pregnancy and postpartum planning.

*In-home visits for nursery design and planning are available in the New York Metro and San Francisco Bay areas.

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Manhattan Studio Offerings: PRENATAL MAT Classes (six person maximum):

$45 each/ $420 for ten/ $450 with mat rentals (unlimited cards do not apply to prenatal or postnatal classes)
Please Pay in-studio by cash or check to receive your class card(s) at the time of payment.
*POSTNATAL Classes are scheduled as private or duet sessions on the equipment. Groups form from the prenatal classes.

CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION Classes (six couple maximum):

$375 per couple. This ten hour course  is open to couples planning birth at hospital, home or birthing center. Rooted firmly in the belief that childbirth is a normal, physiological experience, this weekend intensive series will prepare the pregnant mom and her partner for labor, birth and the immediate postpartum. Class will cover the following topics: the physiology of late pregnancy, signs + stages of labor, pain coping strategies, labor support and massage, routine monitoring and the risks and benefits of common medical interventions and pain medications and the postpartum period. Please dress comfortably.
Next workshop: Saturday, May 17th from 1:30-6pm and Sunday May 18th from 12-5:30pm

BREASTFEEDING and NEWBORN CARE Class (six couple maximum):

$175 per couple. This 3 hour class will cover what to expect in the first 6 weeks postpartum. Topics include the physiology and initiation of breastfeeding, frequency of feedings and how to know baby is getting enough.  The class also discuss common breastfeeding problems, pumping and returning to work, as well as diapering, bathing, swaddling and infant soothing.

Next workshop: Friday, May 23rd 6-9pm