Read what folks are saying about Sanctuary Pilates®:

“After having a baby, I suffered back & neck pain from constantly holding and nursing my daughter. I generally felt that my alignment and posture was deteriorating. After just 2 sessions, my back pain disappeared and my posture began to improve return to normal. My abs were very separated from pregnancy and my muscles stretched and sore from my c-section. My private instructor was an expert at postpartum anatomy and eased me into a workout routine that gradually built back my core. My body was restored, but even more importantly, my confidence and mental well-being was restored. My time at Sanctuary was the only time each week I focused 100% on me. My baby was welcomed into the studio and either napped, played or was held by my instructor while I used the equipment. I can’t imagine a more welcoming environment for a new mother.”

“Sanctuary staff is extremely knowledgeable and great at sharing their knowledge of anatomy and physical fitness. It’s like therapy for the body. I have had problems with a stiff neck recently and the staff was great at giving me exercises to do there as well as at home to address this issue. It has been a huge help! My posture has also improved significantly!”

“Everything at Sanctuary is new and clean. I love the intimate space that feels open and not overwhelming. Sanctuary is one of the cleanest studios in NYC.”

“I love the staff and the community at Sanctuary. Kate and all of her instructors make me feel part of the family.”

“I started private sessions at Sanctuary to improve my overall fitness level and flexibility. I am a couch potato. I never did anything like this before and now have more confidence in my physical abilities and a desire to do more! I’ve brought my granddaughter on several occasions and our instructor created a program incorporating the machines, mat and yoga that worked for us both. The change in my granddaughter’s self confidence as a result of the dance-inspired work she’s done has been remarkable.”

“Professional, knowledgeable, individualized,  attentive, caring… absolutely the best pilates experience I have ever had. Each and every instructor provides clear instruction while monitoring each and every participant in the class. Weekly schedule includes a variety of interesting classes. Lovely, clean space with small-sized classes.”

“I take prenatal pilates here, and it’s basically the best part of my week.  The space is lovely, the staff is great, and the classes have been both relaxing and strengthening throughout the pregnancy.  Highly recommended!”

“Kate and her team are great. They are all experienced teachers in many different fields. The studio is quiet and very cozy, never crowded. I have felt and seen a difference in my body in only a short amount of time.”