Class Descriptions

Mat Pilates Open Level

Focuses on basic anatomical principles in Pilates and forms a challenging workout through repetition and acute mind-body awareness. The use of one’s own body weight and props are used in various exercises to emphasize the functional exercises given and to create a sense of complete workout and connection in the entire body.

Intermediate Pilates with Props/ Drop-In After Drop-Off

Come in for an invigorating class after you drop off your kids! Intermediate level class will leave you feeling balanced and invigorated!

Postnatal Comeback

Return to your pre-baby body: restore your pelvic floor strength, tone your abs, ease back pain while bonding with your new baby. Always bring your baby, however, please leave your stroller at home. Pack n’ play and Bjorn bouncy chair are provided. *Two person groups form from prenatal class*

Alexander Technique

Learn to move more efficiently and be at ease in your body more often. This class is the perfect rehab for old injuries or compliment to your pilates and fitness routine.

Mat Pilates with Stability Balls

The focus of this intermediate level class is to utilize the stability ball to challenge and reinforce a deep foundation of the Pilates Core Principles. Each exercise is structured to challenge and increase core and overall muscular strength, length and range of motion, balance and control. The ball adds a little weight, a little instability for challenge and a ton of fun! Modifications are given per individual needs.

Morning Coffee Pilates

Wake up your mind and body with this upbeat morning class created to help lengthen, tone, and stretch your muscles.  Leave feeling strong, alert, and ready to take on your day!

Ballet Workout

This class combines elements of ballet, Pilates, and stretching to make you feel long and strong. Through a series of mat exercises targeting deep muscles in the core, back, legs, and hips, we challenge flexibility, stability, and coordination. But ballet’s not boring! Burn those inner thighs. Tone those turn out muscles and get the “Black Swan” body you’ve always wanted. All levels are welcome!

After-Work Pilates

Long day at work? Come recharge you batteries with a pilates workout that will both give you energy and restore balance to your whole being.

Prenatal Yoga and Pilates

Taught by master pilates teacher, prenatal yoga guru, 20+ year birth veteran and Sanctuary owner, Kate Artibee, this class combines prenatal yoga, pilates arm and leg toners, and childbirth education. Sorry Dads, this class is for expectant Moms only!

Advanced Pilates w/Props (For Dancers and Teachers)

Come brush up your skills with master teacher and studio owner Kate Artibee.

Lazy Weekend Pilates

This basic class will enforce good habits and get you moving gently on a Sunday morning. Beginners and all levels are welcome!

Pilates w/Yoga Flow

This class is designed to get you moving! This contemporary pilates class is designed to emphasize core stability, postural alignment, full-body breathing and total body toning. Yogic influence helps to increase flexibility, stamina, and builds strength while reducing stress and fatigue. This flow class allows you to strengthen and tone while having fun in a low-stress fitness environment.

Pilates Shakedown

Long work day? Dinner can wait. Shake your booty and rock your abs in this upbeat, fun class.

Family Class

Kids and parents move and learn some basic yoga, pilates and dance moves. This is a 45 minute class, and children must be attended by a caregiver. Open to children 2-6 years old and caregivers of any age over 18. *Groups form through the desk with a maximum of four pairs*

Pilates and Play

This fun class is for 8-10 year olds who are interested in pilates, yoga and other non-competitive ways to move their bodies. Kids of all experience levels are welcome and friends are encouraged to come together! *Bring your group to us- minimum of four children, maximum of eight*