Sanctuary Massage Therapists are multi-talented and intuitive. Combining thirty plus years of experience and multiple modalities, our therapists approach massage as an integral aspect of one’s wellness journey. A typical massage may combine cranio-sacral therapy, zero balancing or shiatsu along with traditional swedish style. Each massage session is tailored to the needs of the recipient, which may vary from week-to-week depending on workout intensity, stress-level and frequency of massage. We recommend receiving massage regularly (either weekly or bi-weekly) along with your Sanctuarypilates and yoga practice.

Prenatal Massage, especially in the third trimester, can be very beneficial in keeping back pain at bay and can relieve stress. It can also facilitate loosening of the sacroiliac joints, which is imperative for a smoother birth experience. Prenatal clients are able to lay prone using a body-form specifically designed for prenatal massage. At Sanctuary, you will always be in great hands.

Massage and Cranio Sacral Therapies:

$150 per session, which runs approximately an hour and fifteen minutes