Sanctuary Silks Workshop Series

Looking to take your workouts to the next level? Here at Sanctuary, we’re doing just that… literally!

Tammra in a hip hang

In March, we kicked off our first Sanctuary Silks Workshop Series, and it was a blast! As the workshop began, our daring aerialists bravely faced their fears as they learned the basics of aerial silk work. By the end of the three week series, the studio was filled with high-flying pros!

Each class began with a Pilates-based warm up to establish a strong connection with stabilization muscles and to fire up those abs! After the warm up, students moved to the silks and began with basic single foot locks and drop preps. Before they knew it, everyone was wowing each other and themselves with aerial tricks like hip hangs and gazelles.


Rosalie in a single foot lock with a lean


Heather doing her gazelle

With encouragement from Kate, Lara, and each other, everyone found their inner aerialist daredevil and discovered that they are strong in ways they had never imagined. Student, Tammra, described the workshop as, “Fun but very challenging,” adding that, “It’s tough.” That fun challenge is exactly what makes the Sanctuary Silks Workshop Series an inspiring way to overcome self-doubt and change up your workout!

Check out these splits!



Stay tuned for the dates for our next series! It’s not to be missed.

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