Keepin’ it Fresh, Keepin’ it Cool: Summers at Sanc



While we obviously encourage feeling HOT HOT HOT all year round, this summer at Sanctuary is all about feeling cool.  We know you want to up your Sanc Swag, so here’s what we’ve been doing in the studio to stay FRESH TO DEATH!




Sunless tanning with VEGETABLES!

Who doesn’t love a bronzed look in the summertime? What we don’t like is the skin damage and premature aging.  This summer, get that healthy glow by eating right!

We all know that a healthy diet makes our skin look great.  But a recent study conducted in Great Britain has actually shown that diets rich in carotenoids give skin the same vibrancy that a couple hours in the sun does! Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and plums are all super healthy ways to boost the carotenoid deposited under your skin and make you look like a bronzed beach goddess!

The best part? A diet rich in produce crushes free radicals that cause wrinkles! So put down the Banana Boat and pick up a carrot. You literally have nothing to lose (other than a couple pounds and fine lines)!

Don’t feel like waiting for the carrots to kick in? If you’re local, head on over to Benefit on 3rd Ave (between 74th and 75th) for the best spray tan of your life!

Sanctuary is feeling BOOTYLICIOUS

Ain’t no time better than July to work on lifting that booty.  That’s why this month is all about butts here at Sanc.  Get ready to bridge, lunge, swim, and double-leg kick for your life! And our challenge for each and every client: 36 front lunges, and 36 side lunges EVERY DAY!

In our group classes and private sessions, we’ll take the time to focus on your behind because while we like to see you coming, we LOVE to watch you going.  Stick with us, and you’ll have a butt that’s Jay-Z smack-worthy in no time!

And isn’t that everyone’s dream?



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