BANG BANG! It’s CHERtember at Sanc!



It’s Chertember at Sanctuary!

In honor of Cher’s “Closer to the Truth” album release on SEPTEMBER 25TH, we’re celebrating the timeless, legendary diva ALL MONTH LONG! Wig up!

If we could Turn Back Time, we’d go right back to 1977 and ask Farrah and Cher exactly how they scored these svelte mannequin bods!



But our Sanc super powers aren’t Strong Enough for time travel.  So we’ll just have to Believe that rockin’ Sanc workouts One by One will get us in head-to-toe sequin shape in no time! Our Cher-inspired workouts will have you slinging those guns Just Like Jesse James and stealing hearts just like (you guessed it) Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves!

Try this side leg series with light ankle weights (no more than 2lbs).  Because After All, when it comes to workin’ it like Cher, it’s really All or Nothing.

So if you’re thinking, “All I Really Want to Do is rock out in a cut-out leotard and fierce wig because I was Born with the Hunger to be fabulous,” we definitely Got You, Babe. Grab your boatful of sailors and your thigh-high fishnets and get your diva butt in here!

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