You. Better. Werk.

Every drag queen knows that the secret to staying runway ready is trimming down, not bulking up.  So this month, we bring you TRANTOBER- a month filled with exercises designed by Kate to get your skinny on.  Ready. Set. Lashes.

Shantay. You stay. 
Join us all month as we focus on that svelte, cut look we dig so much in our favorite drag queens and 1980’s heroin-chic androgynous superstars.  We’ll be picking up our 2 lb weights and sculpting long, lean muscles every day.  Because- no tea, no shade- no one likes a bulky tranny.

Not willing to tuck? Keep that pelvis neutral and channel the divine Grace Jones. Check out this 1978 performance of “Fame” on Stryx.  All metallic tunic, no pants.


And as if you need anymore skinny-in-a-fabulous-costume inspiration, we give you Ziggy Stardust. Not everyone can be the nazz, with God-given a$$.  Thankfully, with a little werk, we can achieve a Sanc-given a$$.



Sashay. Away.
Highlight those cheekbones and head over to our month-long Sanc kiki.  Wet your lips, and make love to the camera ’cause girl- YOU BETTER WERK!

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